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 As people, we crave comfort, want to feel safe and loved, and often seek comfort in food. That’s where Woodsong Herbs steps in. Woodsong is a two-woman (mother-daughter) team who have been mixing and blending herbs and teas for 15 years. This producer from Reno, Nevada, offers excellent soup starters and spice blends with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. They believe the ‘whole-person’ approach is the best path to wellness, and their products are proof. Their nutritious and tasty products are hand-blended and hand-poured, ensuring the highest level of quality.

Woodsong Herbs’ Meal Starts 

Mardi Gras Gumbo Meal Start is one of Woodsong Herb’s best-sellers. To make this classic Cajun dish, you need to use onion, celery, bell pepper, garlic, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, file powder (a key ingredient to authentic gumbo), and other spices. Woodsong’s Mardi Gras Gumbo Meal Start adds all the spices you need for the perfect traditional gumbo recipe. Don’t forget to add your shrimp or chicken!

Gumbo has been around since the 18th century when French colonists settled in Louisiana. People believe that the name “Gumbo” comes from an African word for okra, which was one of the original ingredients. Fun fact: People in New Orleans believe that starting to cook Gumbo before sunset is bad luck.

Simply put, Woodsong Herb’s Mardi Gras Gumbo Meal Start is quick and easy with all the spices and herbs needed for a delicious meal, in one convenient package. Just add your veggies, meat, and broth for the perfect meal, every time. One package of seasoning makes one pot perfectly! Don’t forget to add Sinclair Family Farm’s Spicy Italian Sausage or Liberty Food and Wine Exchange’s Big Vinnie Sausage for the perfect pot of gumbo.

Chili – the Ultimate Comfort Food

Chili is another dish that people often turn to for comfort. With its combination of spices, meat, and beans, chili has become a staple in many households and restaurants worldwide. The origins of chili can trace back to the early 1700s in the American Southwest. Its believed that Spanish explorers introduced the concept of chili peppers to indigenous people, who then incorporated them into their cooking. People began adding meat and beans to the dish later, possibly in the 1800s. By the late 1800s, chili had become popular in the American Southwest, particularly in Texas. In the early 1900s, chili began to gain popularity outside of the Southwest. This was due to the rise of the canned food industry.

Today, chili remains a beloved dish that has evolved to include countless variations and regional differences. From spicy Texas-style chili to milder versions served with cornbread, there is a chili recipe to suit every taste. If you’re hankerin’ for a good pot of chili, try out Woodsong Herb’s Mom’s Chili Meal Start which goes great with Sinclair Family Farm’s Grass Fed Ground Beef. This recipe also has no “heat” to it, but you can always add cayenne for that extra kick! 

Woodsong Herbs Chicken Soup – Good for the Soul!

Chicken soup is another comfort food that has a long history. For centuries, people have used chicken soup as a remedy for colds and other illnesses, and it has been referred to as “Jewish penicillin”. To make chicken soup simmer your chicken, vegetables, and herbs in water. People believe that the leftover broth has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce congestion and alleviate cold symptoms.

Keep the winter colds away with Woodsong Herb’s Grandma’s Recipe Meal Start. Easy to make, you just add whatever veggies you like and a Sinclair Family Farm’s Chicken and you’ll have the perfect pot of chicken noodle soup, hot and ready to eat.

Woodsong Herb’s commitment to you

Woodsong Herb’s commitment to using fresh, local ingredients and its belief in the ‘whole-person’ approach to wellness makes its Meal Starts an excellent choice for anyone looking for healthy, delicious comfort food. Whether you’re looking for chili to warm you up on a cold day or chicken soup to soothe a cold, Woodsong Herbs has you covered. So, the next time you’re in the mood for some comforting food, give Woodsong Herbs a try.