Many questions have been asked about the type of water treatment system we are looking to install at Carson Valley Meats with the help of our engineer, RO Anderson. The constructed wet land system we are exploring has been used for small meat processing facilities for years. For more detailed information, click on the link to launch a recorded webinar produced by the Iowa State University Extension a few years ago that will give you a more scientific look at a plant that uses this type of system in Indiana.


  1. This area is long overdue for any type of USDA slaughter and processing plant. Having owned and worked for slaughter plants for many years I know you can achieve Your goals. This won’t be easy as many regulations are required by USDA and environmentalists. I have no idea what will come from your State and local governments, but having survived in Ca. for better then 25 years, your pursuit should be much easier.
    Good luck to all involved 🤞🏻

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