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Earth Day may take a backseat to Easter on most people’s calendars but to those of us that make a living working the land, every day is Earth Day. From prepping the ground for seeding to raising healthy animals and caring for the land we are responsible for, we rely on Mother Nature every day and do our best to give back.

Eco Benefits of Farming and Ranching

As a rancher, taking care of the land is vital, you can’t just use it up and not put effort back into it. Replenishing the soil provides nourishment for our crops, grazing animals, the wildlife we share the land with and the overall health of the land.

We recently used our “drag” to spread manure from the last group of cattle and spread some radish and triticale seeds to add some nutrients back into the soil. Having more animals on the property helps reintroduce healthy organisms back into the soil. Their grazing keeps the land in continuous growth and helps to remove carbon dioxide from the air, converting it into oxygen.

Ways to celebrate Agriculture this Earth Day

  • On top of Earth Day, April is National Gardening Month and you can help give helpful pollinators like bees a pollen rich environment by planting a vibrant garden. Bees can travel two miles from their hive and help pollinate many species of plants.
  • Take a walk and discover Northern Nevada’s native plants while enjoying the wide-open views that agriculture protects.
  • Plan to support local farmers’ markets this year. When you buy from local producers, more of the money goes directly into the hands of the farmer that grew the produce. Beyond keeping more money in the local area, buying your food locally helps decrease the miles driven for the food to get to you. If those reasons aren’t enough, the promise of responsibly grown, farm-fresh produce should do the trick.

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