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Our local engineering firm, RO Anderson, has been producing high quality, innovative engineering projects for 30 years. Their projects include hazard mitigation planning (flooding) and water and wastewater infrastructure among many, many other civil engineering projects in the region. We chose RO Anderson due to their long tenure in the Valley, the complicated issues they have created solutions for and their absolute attention to detail.

Due to the misinformation and negative propaganda campaigns circulating throughout the valley about our project, we are posting the RO Anderson Summary of Conceptual Design for our Recirculating Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands, so that fears about flood plain issues, solid waste removal, flow estimates, NDEP permits, by-product removal, septic tank systems, water filtration and effluent pond elevation and location.

The report may be downloaded here. We urge concerned citizens to read the report to help dispel the myths and untruths being repeated over and over, and as always, we invite your questions. You will have the opportunity to speak with our engineer at our open house Saturday, Nov. 9, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at 876 Centerville Lane in Gardnerville.