Cast Iron Kiddos

The mission of Cast Iron Kiddos is to build cast iron strong families, teach kids important life skills, and help them develop a sense of responsibility. Just like ag kids find independent knowledge and purpose in FFA and raising their own animals, kids can also find similar skill sets in the kitchen.

If you’re looking to build a cast iron strong family inside and outside the kitchen or want your kids, grandkids or groups to learn important life skills, keep reading to learn more about Cast Iron Kiddos.

About Cast Iron Kiddos

JuliAnn Stitick felt safe, happy, and confident in the kitchen as a child and wants that for all Kiddos.  So, in 2020, JuliAnn started Cast Iron Babe and Cast Iron Kiddos to help make the kitchen an inviting space for the whole family!

During her career as a high-performance coach and a motivational speaker, JuliAnn discovered the tools she was teaching her clients also benefited the entire family bond, making homes more orderly and calm, with kids happily participating around the house. She aims to make these same tools “kiddo friendly”, offering her activities and events to help kids learn and grow through interaction with the grown-ups in their life.

“Many kids are growing up unequipped to take care of themselves and are reliant on their parents or others,” JuliAnn said. “I want kids to have the joy and the competence of learning essential skills so they can be self-sufficient.

Cooking Classes at Carson Valley Community Food Closet

Cast Iron Kiddos is offering a series of cooking classes at the Carson Valley Community Food Closet this summer. Their first Egg and Toasty event taught four cousins and their grandparents how to make Cast Iron Kiddos’ famous Slow-Cooked Butter Skillet Toast all by themselves. They also learned how to set a table and clean up after themselves. They finished by donating highly needed items to the Carson Valley Community Food Closet.  The Kiddos loved the feeling of giving back.

They are hosting more classes like this, including Cooking & Money Tips For Kiddos and Cooking, Calendars & Connection for Moms. Keep a lookout for updates on Carson Now and our social media pages if you’re interested in participating!

JuliAnn also offers a family-friendly cooking show on YouTube. You can learn delicious recipes in your own cast iron pan at home! Watch The Show and let us know if you try out any of their wonderful recipes! Our favorite is this juicy 10-minute steak that would pair wonderfully with our SFF Top Sirloin Steak or Chuck Steak.

Cast Iron Kiddos Marketplace

Snail Mail Kiddo KitWith technology readily available, kids aren’t learning the old-school skill and courtesy of sending a handwritten letter or note by mail. Teach them the gesture of gratitude by writing and sending personalized thank you letters. It is a meaningful gesture that family and friends would love to receive!

Egg & Toasty Kiddo KitThis kit encourages your kiddos to get busy in the kitchen with a parent, grandparent, mentor, or educator! It’s an opportunity for meaningful interaction while learning a practical life skill. Get them cooking young to learn how to use kitchen tools, safety around a hot stovetop and pan, and have them feel the accomplishment of creating something all on their own.

Money Kiddo KitHave a valuable conversation with your kiddo about money while they lead this offline activity, and you stand back to assist. They’ll learn about saving, giving, spending money, and earning it for themselves. It’s a great introduction to hard work and habit-building as they get older!

Story CardsThese story cards are all about the power of humor and storytelling. Kids will read about the Courteous Carrot, Sleepy Strawberry, Brave Banana, and Helpful Honey to gain an introduction to these traits in the form of fun fruits and veggies.

Apron Hopefully, these fun and adjustable aprons can save your kid’s clothes!  Reward your kiddo with Kiddo Kit badges, pins, and patches they can proudly display on their apron. They’ll learn the value of positive reinforcement while making memories in the kitchen with their favorite adults.

The rewards of building confidence

Get your kiddos participating in the kitchen early so they can grow the skills and confidence they need to start cooking on their own (with adult supervision of course). Mom and Dad, take a break and get your kiddos to serve YOU a delicious breakfast every once in a while!