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Welcome to our Ranch Boxes, Chrissi’s Farmhouse Bakery!

Chrissi’s Farmhouse Bakery was started by Chrissi, owner, and baker of this cottage food bakery who specializes in real sourdough breads, made with flour, water, and salt. All organic ingredients!

Chrissi, an avid home cook who is always ready to feed an army, found her love for cooking and baking and has been doing it since the age of 9. She has been in the food and beverage industry for well over 25 years and says she has learned a thing or two. After years of purchasing not-so-great store-bought breads, she decided to travel the sourdough journey especially when it comes to baking sourdough.

Sourdough is a naturally leavened bread, which means it doesn’t use commercial yeast to rise. Instead, it uses a ‘starter’. The starter is a fermented flour and water mixture that contains wild yeast and good bacteria. All of her starters are historic or heritage starters.

Chrissi says she has researched, test-baked and purchased several starters and is now making sourdough breads for her community in Douglas County, Nevada. It is a labor of love that she truly enjoys, and she says she really hopes you do as well.

After endless trials and a good amount of benching, proofing, scraping, shaping, and baking, Chrissi uses a lengthy fermentation process – more than 36 hours! –  resulting in bread that is super healthy while tantalizingly delicious. She bakes exclusively with organic flour, and uses All Purpose (wheat/barley), Rye, Einkorn & Wheat flours. For her enriched loaves, Chrissi says she chooses top-quality, organic products like grass-fed butter, cheese, seeds, herbs, spices, sugars, fruits, and oils.

Chrissi’s delicious sourdough breads make the perfect addition to any meal and to your next Ranch Box order! Make sure to check out her delicious East Valley Farmhouse seeded rye bread, Gardnerville Sourdough, and her Jalapeno Cheddar Sourdough. For more information, visit her website: You can also contact Chrissi at 775.309.1165 or reach her by email at