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7 Hawk Ranch

Carson Valley Meats is proud to welcome our newest vendor, 7 Hawk Ranch LLC whose organic farm fresh foods and their beautiful and unique products will be a wonderful addition to your next Ranch Box order!  

Founded in Minden, Nevada, 7 Hawk Ranch LLC began when a 6th generation Nevadan, Joseph Cowee met a creative apothecary, Susan Allen. Both Susan and Joe have professional jobs in the community as well. Joe is a CPA, with a firm in Carson City that he co-owns with his brother and Susan is a clinical pharmacist for the Department of Veterans Affairs.  

With their shared love for knowledge, farming, animals, and their community they hope to help others learn sustainable practices that they can apply in their own homes. They also love to give tours and share their knowledge with adults and children, so make sure to reach out to them for questions, tours, and purchases from their ranch! You can contact 7 Hawk Ranch at (775) 315-9737 or email them at ladyarcher7@hotmail.com. 

Susan and Joseph currently have a large organic garden of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They also raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, honeybees, and a variety of birds, all fed soy free. They sell produce, eggs, honey, jams/jellies, and apiary products in addition to making goat milk soap, candles, and other fun products.  

Make sure to check out Susan’s beautiful candles, including her Beeswax Taper candles, Twirled Taper candles, Beeswax candles adorned in ferns, and Floating Flowers that will make any dinner table beautiful!   

7 Hawk Ranch offers a variety of delicious jams and jellies including their Blackberry Jam, Blueberry Jam, Jalapeno Lime Jelly, Raspberry Jalapeno Jam, and their Sweet N’ Spicy Pepper Jelly that will add flavor to your favorite holiday dish! Try warming it slightly, then pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers for a delicious appetizer. 

For your bath or shower, 7 Hawk Ranch offers Charcoal-Grapefruit Goat Milk Loaf Bars of Soap, Oatmeal Stout and Cedarwood infused Goat Milk Soap Bricks, and for your home, Lavender Sachets, and Nevada Sage Bundles offer fresh scents to aid in relaxation. 

Be sure to check out all the beautiful products 7 Hawk Ranch has in store for your next Ranch Box order from Carson Valley Meats!