Eat From Farms

Last year, our e-commerce platform Local Line upgraded to version 2.0. It was a nightmare for us and for our producers! We’re not techy people. From tending to the farm animals and getting all the chores done around our Newcastle farm and the Dairy in Minden, we don’t have time to sit in front of a computer, so we felt like it was time to make a change in our online storefront, and from the outpouring of comments we’ve received on our social media channels – you all did too! Read on to learn why we’re changing our storefront and why Eat from Farms is the best fit for us!

Why We Switched

The main reason we wanted to change our online storefront is to create the easiest user experience for our customers as possible. If our store is glitchy, glitzy, or complicated – we’re not going to make any sales! Buying farm-fresh meat and handmade local items should be as easy as the million other things you can order online these days.

This new interface is simple and to the point, only showing you what you need and nothing more. There are no fancy designs, just our products and your shopping cart. It should be as easy as a few clicks of a button to place your Ranch Box Order.

Using Local Line was ok until they switched over to their updated version. Not only was it a huge headache for us, it caused a lot of hiccups for our local producers as well. We want our producers to have a simple, easy way to share the wonderful products we so dearly love. If it doesn’t work for our producers, it doesn’t work for us. And if it doesn’t work for you, it’s over!

Why We’re Loving Eat from Farms

Eat From Farms includes all the aspects of managing a storefront, eliminating the need for extra platforms and extra costs. Now, Karin can take care of all the invoicing and online payments in one place, eliminating extra hours spent processing orders. This gives her more time to spend where she belongs – out on the farm with her animals!

We reached out to real farmers across the country and why they chose Eat from Farms to sell their ranch products. We immediately saw less screen time, fewer complications, and lots of happy customers through their responses. After learning how much other farmers just like us liked it, speaking with the owner George sealed the deal. We reached out to him for help and he paused his work in the garden to answer our question and is always available to lend a hand – now that’s customer service!

We hope this change is a positive one for all our customers and producers. We’re excited to continue our mission of supporting local producers and providing fresh, local meats and goods to the Carson Valley. Place your Ranch Box order at!