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Do you know where the food in your fridge came from?

Most people could probably tell you where a jar of honey or jam in their kitchen came from or may have some fruits or veggies, they grew themselves, but most people are unaware of the thoughtful work and dedication it takes to raise animals to provide high quality meats.

Getting food from our fields onto your tables isn’t a job that farmers and ranchers do alone. It takes everyone from the people growing and processing the food to truck drivers and store workers who put it on the shelves. I can’t claim to know much about the logistics of getting food to the stores, but I do know a lot about agriculture.

Agriculture in Nevada

Agriculture is a way of life in Carson Valley and Northern Nevada that has sustained families for generations. It also plays a major role in our economy as a nation and ranks third in total revenue generated here in Nevada. Each year, over 760 million dollars of agricultural products including crops, livestock and poultry products exchange hands here in the Silver State. It is our mission to keep that agricultural way of life for future generations of ranchers.

With the “locally grown, fresh food” movement gaining momentum, grass-roots markets including farmers markets and roadside stands are becoming more and more popular. People want to know where their food is coming from and how it is being grown or raised, while supporting the farmers and ranchers in their community and I’m happy to help.

Our Sustainable Farming Practices

Like most farms in the United States, our farm is family owned. Preserving and caring for the land we work is in our best interest because if the land has been well taken care of the farm will likely experience success, especially as it is handed down the line to children and grandchildren.

When we first bought the property, the pastures were in pretty bad shape. We have invested in the soil by spreading manure from the last group of cattle with our “drag” and have spread some radish and triticale seeds earlier this year to add some nutrients back into the soil.

With a bit of patience and a lot of hard work, we are helping the land recover from decades of use. We even have some new grass growth! Now if we can just keep the darn geese of the pastures too…

Want to know more?

Visit our website at carsonvalleymeats.com and don’t forget to check out our online Ranch Box store to see all the high-quality, locally grown products we have to offer!