We believe the appeal speaks for itself. There were a number of irregularities in the handling of the Board of County Commissioners meeting that simply should not go unchecked.

Staff compared our small business proposal, which by code is limited to no more than 60 animals one day per week, to Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, which by definition is one of over 1,000 animals for at least 45 consecutive days.  (See Board Agenda Video, minute 6:03).  This is an obvious and arbitrary “apples to grapefruits” comparison. Those same and other similar comparisons have been made by the commissioners themselves, and by opponents, who have widely and loudly distributed this misinformation through letters to the editor, social media, neighborhood apps and propaganda materials distributed in private groups throughout the valley.

Additionally, several procedural errors occurred that further support the conclusion that the decision of the Board was arbitrary and unfair.  For instance, an unagendized presentation was allowed, yet the information presented was based upon inaccurate hearsay, undocumented references, and unsupported by the “experts” whose presentations were delivered by a “group of folks” lacking in expertise and credentials to provide this third-hand information.

Our goal is, and always has been, to provide a USDA regulated service for local and regional ranchers who are unable to access other USDA meat processing plants in the region; and to promote and sustain the agricultural heritage of the Carson Valley.  By filing this appeal, we simply ask that we, and future small businesses in Douglas County, be treated fairly and in accordance with long-standing laws and regulations.