Douglas CountyVideoJessica and Spencer Anderson of Anderson Cattle Company in their own words

We are first-generation ranchers. When Spencer and I first met, we always talked about raising our own cattle.  We still have the kitchen napkins those dreams and ideas were scribbled on!  Then one day, we decided enough talking, it is time to jump in with both feet. 

We recognized the need for younger generations to step up to the challenge.  With most families being 3, 4, even 5 generations being removed from the farm, the need now, more than ever, is to tell the story of where food comes from.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. 

Spencer and I feel this is our passion and our purpose.  We love everything about ranching.  The lifestyle, the challenge, and what a long hard day of work feels like. 

When asked why we do it, there is only one reply – raising cattle is what we do. We do it because we love it; every aspect of it.  What it stands for, who it drives us to be, how it flames the passion in our soul.

Our purpose is to raise cattle in a way that empowers YOU, with agriculture knowledge, to know where, how, and why agriculture is the heart and soul of our country.

Spencer also helps manage and run the Washoe Tribe Cattle herd and their hay production.  I currently work as an agriculture outreach educator for the Cooperative Extension.  I also assist other ag companies with social media marketing.

Personally, as a ranch that offers ranch direct beef, having a local USDA meat processing facility would be HUGE.  It would not only keep dollars in the Carson Valley, but our product would be raised, processed and sold right here at home. 

With only two options in the state for use of a USDA processing plant, the need is ever-present.  If we do not have the option to stay local for processing, it adds costs to our products and takes revenue away from the state of Nevada, often to California.

I think having a processing facility in the valley just adds a richness to knowing where your food comes from.  A true farm-to-fork experience we can offer the community that is so unique and special.

I hope to see it continue and thrive. 

Unfortunately, with much of our ag land being bought up and developed, it has made ranching and farming challenging.

The Carson Valley was settled by ranchers and farmers and has a rich history of agriculture.  Many people who move here list the green pastures and cattle as one of the reasons why they love the valley so much.  I am hopeful we can continue to work WITH the community and build relationships to keep ranching and farming alive.  It may be a tough and uphill climb, but anything worth doing is worth fighting for.

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