A photo collage of different types of meals including cooked ham, ribs, steak, soup, and more with a book title of A Year of Farm Fresh Meat: Beef, Lamb, and Pork Cuts for All Seasons

It’s a new year! January is a month filled with new resolutions, goal setting, and planning for your year ahead. What if we told you we added our favorite spring, summer, fall, and winter recipes into one big book? Make dinnertime a breeze when planning your meals with our Beef, Lamb, and Pork Cuts for All Seasons!

If you’re looking to try a variety of cuts this year, this book is for you. If you have considered investing in a quarter, half, or whole share of pork, beef, or lamb, these recipes will help you maximize your purchase. You’ll get a variety of cuts to have on hand in your freezer whenever you need it. Save time running to the store by having fresh, local meat already at home!

Also – when you purchase a half or whole beef or pork, you can customize your order! We will work with you to create a custom list of cuts, weights and package sizes.

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A New Cut Every Week

What cuts did we include in this book? So many delicious options we don’t know where to start. Try classic favorites like ground beef, short ribs, T-bone steak, and pork breakfast sausage, or try something new like London broil, lamb loin chops, ham hocks, or lamb shoulder chops.

Did you find a cut you’d like to try but didn’t see it in the store? This is where our meat shares come into play. A quarter, half, or whole share will give you a large variety of cuts, including some that aren’t available in our store at the moment due to the shortage of USDA processing facilities in Northern Nevada. You’ll get the most bang for your buck, along with a larger variety of meat.

Curious about different cuts? Read A Guide to Pork Cuts and A Guide To Beef Shares to learn more in-depth information about all our cuts and our favorite methods to prepare them.

We Love Our Producers

We can never forget items from our wonderful producers to enhance these delicious recipes. Misbeehaven Farm honey, Heart Rock Herb & Spice Co. Tahoe Seasoning Salt, Tillie’s Nevada Red Balsamic Vinegar, Alpen Sierra Coffee, and Tillie’s Nevada Garlic Salsa are just some of the items that pair wonderfully with these recipes.

Feel free to add and substitute as you please with all the great items our producers provide and let us know how you switched up the recipe to make it your own. Make dinnertime a breeze this year and start planning your meals now with our 41-recipe cookbook, created to start your new year off right!