Uncategorizedwomen holding charcuterie trays for Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Day is a fun way for you and your best girlfriends to do something wonderful together to celebrate the richness of friendship. We recommend gathering your girls for after-brunch chocolate and coffee pairings and binge-watching Yellowstone or making your own charcuterie boards as a special Galentines Day activity!

Our favorite Coffee and Chocolate Pairings

Alpen Sierra Certified Organic Dolomiti Blend Dark Roast, A premium sustainable coffee blend that is excellent for espresso preparation. The delicate, nutty-sweet aroma is followed by a smooth cup of almond, citrus and dark chocolate notes,  medium body with a tempered acidity, finishing smooth and round with Chocolate Shoppe truffles filled with dark chocolate ganache made with semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolates that are melded together with hot whipping cream, either with liquors or without.

Certified Organic Colombia Mujeres Tolima Medium Roast from Alpen Sierra has delightful citrus fruit aromas, with well-balanced chocolate and cherry flavor notes, finishing smoothly and long-lingering, pairs well with the Chocolate Shoppe Solid Chocolate Lake Tahoe in Dark Chocolate (but let’s be real – these treats come in a package of two, one dark and one milk chocolate, so anything goes here!)

Alpen Sierra Big Blue Tahoe Blend, bright and winey character of an estate-grown Costa Rica Tarrazu greets the palate, transitioning into full, sweet and intense flavor, as the blend reveals its qualities of bittersweet chocolate, herbal nuance, spice and full body, with Chocolate Shoppe Sea-Salted Caramels in Dark Chocolate, handmade caramel covered in chocolate and then salted with Himalayan sea salt.

Just love chocolate or know someone who does?

You’re in luck! The Chocolate Shoppe offers beautiful gift trays which are a fantastic way to try lots of different confections.

And if you’re NOT into chocolate (who does that?) try Chocolate Shoppe’s Peanut Brittle. Sweet, salty, super crunchy old-fashioned peanut brittle loaded with premium raw redskin peanuts, pure grade AA butter and a little extra sea salt to give it that richly flavored classic, old-fashioned taste. It literally brings back memories in every bite!

Build Charcuterie Boards for Galentine’s Day!

Your Galentine’s Day activity building charcuterie boards will require a little planning – and shopping – ahead.

When it comes to charcuterie boards, the first thing you need is a board to create your design on.

You don’t need to buy a special board. A wood cutting board, serving tray, or any flat surface you have will work. Some of our favorite boards come from JK Custom Kindling and Werden’s Woodworking, two of our wonderful vendors from our Ag & Artisan Faire. (Let us know if you want one of these amazing boards – we can hook you up with our producers!)

In addition to the board, you can add some small dishes to your board. Antique shops are great places to get unique little bowls, plates, and serving pieces. Start arranging these pieces on your board and use them as a guide map of where things will go.

What to Add:

Now that your charcuterie board is mapped out it’s time to add the goodies! You can customize your charcuterie board however you like, but here is a list of some things that you can add:

When selecting items for your board, make sure to choose some things that will “pop” on your board. For example, strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, grapes, apple slices, and fresh herbs will bring more color and will help with presentation. Also, make sure you’re not placing too many like colors next to each other so that they stand out.

Finish your board off with a 7 Hawk Ranch candle floating in a small bowl for a touch of elegance!