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Holiday meal traditions are fascinating to learn about.

In Japan, fried chicken is a big deal, especially the KFC kind. With a brilliant marketing strategy in hand, KFC converted millions of Japanese Families to reserving KFC for Christmas Eve.

In Lithuania, a 12-course meal that takes a week to prepare is served on Christmas Eve. It’s a great way to make sure the family gets together often due to the sheer amount of work it is to prepare this feast! This meal consists of fish, breads and vegetables.

In Italy, regional traditions take various forms. Some regions celebrate with the Feast of Seven Fishes, which is literally seven varieties of fish prepared in seven different ways. In other regions, roasted lamb or poultry is served. Whichever region you’re in, sweets play a huge role in the Italian holiday dinner.

In England, plum pudding – or in some circles – figgy pudding is a Christmas tradition. It’s made from suet, egg, molasses, spices and dried fruits, and set aflame with brandy before it is served.

In my family, our holiday meal traditions revolve around food you can find on a farm. As lifelong farmers, you use what you have.

On Christmas Eve, we all gather round to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” in black and white.

For Christmas breakfast, we make crepes. It uses up an awful lot of our eggs, and fresh milk from our cows if we have it.

For Christmas dinner, I supply the meat, and my sister cooks. We serve ham, prime rib and leg of lamb. My sister doesn’t care much for lamb, but I have a great recipe for leg of lamb that melts in your mouth and tastes amazing, very savory*.

Whatever your holiday tradition, we have what it takes to make your favorite traditional dishes.

  • Fancy some fried chicken? Got it.
  • Breads? Check.
  • Roasted lamb or chicken? Absolutely.
  • Suet for your figgy pudding? Done.

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*Karin’s Leg of Lamb

  •  1 leg of lamb
  • Garlic Cloves
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • Apple juice

Pierce the roast and insert garlic cloves and rosemary sprigs. Put in a Ziploc bag and fill with apple juice. Refrigerate overnight. Slow cook on the barbeque or in the smoker.

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