My plan for the Storke Dairy has always been to turn it back into a working ranch and start up a meat processing facility, which I believe that this valley is in desperate need for.

Mike and I have been very busy as far as cleaning up the pastures and cleaning out the slough, fixing fence.  We’ve put in a flagpole and got our American flag and the state of Nevada flag flying, which was really important to me.  We’ve done quite a bit of electrical work and gotten some lights and a few other modifications – like a working bathroom in the main building!

We have found all sorts of neat things between the old wooden gates with the handmade hinges that have historical significance in the valley.  We found some neat little hay equipment and rakes.

The manure spreader I think is probably one of my favorite things that we’ve found.  So many of these things have been made out of wood and metal wheels is another big thing to me – they offer a peek into the early ranching days here in Douglas County.  So it’s really neat to see them.  When we’ve moved them, a lot of the gears are still working.  It looks like they can be up and running with just a little bit of TLC – just like this ranch!